Boston, MA – 03/11/17 – Shed Cellar – Sour Spirit, Birthing Hips, Zach Rowden+Chris Cretella, Trim

Sour Spirit, Birthing Hips, Zach Rowden+Chris Cretella, Trim
Saturday, March 11, 2017
5:00pm - All Ages
Shed Cellar (map)
Boston, MA
Other Info
An all natural festival of nights at the Shed Cellar, the Babysitters Club, Hat Darab, defense of wildlife and white sage. time and versitility -- celebrate the end of the 1990s with us!

Sour Spirit is a gruesome twosome coming up from Philly to blow yer fuckin mind. NOT TO BE MISSED. THESE PEOPLE ARE DEEEEEEEEEEP

Chris Cretella is the fastest baddest guitarist and every time I hear him I wanna go lock myself in a place and shed forever. He is nasty af. Link to come. He and Zach Rowden, who is is the craziest bass-man I've ever seen play in the bass-ment, are duo-zoning together for you all. They play furniture like your heartstrings and throb gaily in the thick heathers of the Great Unwashed -- bury me in that jazzzzzz coffin

Trim .....high proof noise. Tap Play. The blue line indicates the time of the playback and the recording flows behind it. Tap Pause when the playback is just past where you want your recording to begin. Tap the Trim button and you find the blue line where you positioned it in Step 4.

Birthing Hips
is future

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