Chris Cretella & Mike Paolucci…Black Fluff…Elm City Noise Fest…Joe Morris’ Arcade

A few months back Mike Paolucci and I were sitting here cobbling together what would become the Black Fluff record. Over the course of a somewhat drawn out song title generation discussion that involved no shortage of books, references, bad puns, and worse title ideas, Mike received a message (whether it was via text, e-mail, or social media I cannot say) regarding the Elm City Noise Fest. “We should play” he said. “Sure” I said. On we went with our work. Well…the festival is this week. Three nights of the Elm City’s (and surrounding environs) finest musics using noise as material/medium from a number of excellent musicians. We are looking forward to playing and to dropping the fruits of the previous year’s labor – Black Fluff.

Black Fluff Cover

Check out the line up here for the fest here:

And check out the sick poster:


With little more than a night’s sleep to recover I will be making my way back down to New Haven on Saturday (9/19) to do some playing with both Dr. Caterwaul’s and Joe Morris and Zachary Rowden. First, Dr. Caterwaul’s will be playing the East Rock Fest at 1p.

Later at 3p I’ll be joining Joe and Zachary at Never Ending Books. Joe’s series Arcade is starting back up and he is bringing it to New Haven this weekend (as well as Boston and NYC over the coming days). I am very much looking forward to doing some playing with these two fine gentleman.

Details concerning all of the events are on the events page.