Duo with Paolucci…Trio with Paolucci and Testa…Orchestra piece…

Some things that are coming together…first…another duo record with a drummer. This time it is with the inimitable Michael Paolucci. Michael and I have been playing together since the late 90s but never played free for any notable length of time…until this summer. We set up one August afternoon, threw up some pics, and let her rip. The results had us both psyched. We were really patting ourselves on the back about our endings. The endings are sick. The record, likely to be titled Black Fluff, a title which was inspired by a horrible light Black Sabbath jam that happened to be playing when Michael showed up, should be out in late February. We’ll be playing a show or two soon.

Another project that is in the early development stage is a trio with Paolucci and Carl Testa on upright bass. I’ve decided to tackle the sound world of the guitar trio…and my love of the works of Mauricio Kagel. Its an exciting project…one which I am determined to allow to develop fully before recording or performing the music. We’ll see how long that discipline holds out. Hopefully we will have something to share in late 2015.

Lastly…I’ve been working on a piece for orchestra since late 2013 and the end is in sight. Its been brutal. It started with sending a call for a score to my buddy Lautaro. Somehow his suggestion that I write one myself stuck and I started plotting it out…thinking I would have it done for December 2013 (yeah…right). After some intermittent work I’ve been cranking on it the past few months. Now I’m just going to need to find a way to get the thing played. I’m open to suggestionsIMG_0054