Duos with Zach Rowden…trio with Andy Allen and Lautaro Mantilla…

It has been over two months since Zach Rowden and I played a duo gig and we are jonesing for a fix. Luckily for us we have not one but two gigs booked this weekend. Saturday we will be playing in Boston at an as yet undisclosed (to me) location. Joining us (or, perhaps more accurately, us joining) are Sour Spirit, Trim, and Birthing Hips. I am unfamiliar with Sour Spirit and Trim but I have no doubt that they will be excellent. Birthing Hips I have known of for a while but finally got to hear first hand back in October a few blocks away from my house which, when you live where I do, is pretty damn shocking. Be mindful. Sometimes a great and righteous venue might  be right in your own backyard without you even knowing it. Testament to the rock under which I live? The onset of middle age and the inevitable out-of-touchness that is presumed to follow? Whatever the case it is unimportant. What is important is that Birthing Hips is a great band. Zach and I will probably both be extremely tired, burned out from driving too much that day (another story for another time) and therefore jacked up on way too much caffeine.

Two days later Zach and I play Crunch House in West Haven, CT. Again…another great venue that you wouldn’t know existed if you weren’t trying to find it and whose existence you might possibly not believe in even if you were trying to find it.  We will be playing on a bill with Taboo (ME), Tick Hive (CT) and LaSuje (CT). This one promises to be the best thing to do on a March Monday in CT. Zach and I probably won’t be as tired but the caffeine thing may or may not be in effect.

As a side note…when I was in 7th grade this drum guy came to my school to play and do a sort of motivational talk. In it he chastised Lars from Metallica for having to drink coffee during the recording sessions for …And Justice for All as part of a “Just Say No” portion of the talk. While I think of it I can’t help but wonder if “caffeine” was a euphemism for something a tad more strong. At any rate, regardless of what you think about Lars’ drumming, I for one do not fault him for a caffeine crutch. If that was what it really was.

A few days later into the month and this crazy show comes along: trio with Andy Allen (woodwinds) and Lautaro Mantilla (voice). Andy, Lautaro and I go back quite a bit now. Lautaro was the first person with whom I had a conversation, outside of pleasantries, on my NEC orientation day. Andy and I used to eat lunch at sandwich shop called something like Temptations. A sandwich shop whose receipt, if not itemized, looks like it may be from a gentleman’s club. Back in our NEC days we all played in a short-lived group called Elbow Room. Since NEC we’ve worked together on various recording projects together but this will be our first time playing as a trio with Lautaro on voice. We will be joined by New Haven based friends and frequent collaborators Adam Matlock, Anne Rhodes, and Brian Slattery. They will be performing Adam’s Earthseed Songs cycle. I think Zach Rowden is going to join us with a solo set as well.