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New Haven, CTNever Get 2 Be Cool03/01/206:00pmJosh Miller / Waveform* / Cucayo / Conor P
Hamden, CTBest Video07/24/198:00pmUSADr Caterwaul’s Plays Astor Piazzolla
Medford, MADistler Performance Hall06/17/197:30pmBenefit Concert for Reproductive Justice
New Haven, CTThe State House05/29/198:00pmUSARAM with Dr. Caterwaul's
Willimantic , CTWillimantic Records05/25/192:00pmUSAA Solo And Three Trios Of Improvised Music
Brooklyn, NYMuchmore's05/21/196:00pmUSAPool:RAICES|ParmeleeCretellaLaroccaRubinstein/Verterssen/TBA
Willimantic , CTWillimantic Records04/13/192:00pmUSAReallyLoudQuartetO'BrienCastellanoHoneyDrizzle
New Haven, CTNeverending Books03/24/195:00pmUSAJon Collin & Zach Rowden/Stefan Christensen/Henry Birdsey/AR &CC
Brooklyn, NYProspect Lefferts Gardens03/02/196:30pmSpeirs/CretellaMatlock/O’BrienStapp/HughesRubinstein
Hamden, CTBest Video02/27/197:30pmUSADrew Wesely&Eli Wallace/MatlockCretellaPaolucci/Conor Perreault
Hamden, CTWater House02/24/194:00pmAnthony Coleman/Chris Cretella/SoloSoloDuo
Milford, CTMilford Arts Council02/12/197:30pmDr Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps
New Haven, CTNeverending Books02/09/197:00pmUSAHenry Fraser, Cretella/Matlock, Lucas Brode, Em/Sam/Conor
New Haven, CTOrchard01/28/198:00pmUSATongue Depressor+Trevor Saint n Cretella/Rhodes Ross Wightman
Willimantic , CTWillimantic Records12/29/182:00pmUSATestaCretellaLaroccaMorrisO'BrienRubinsteinV
New Haven, CTNeverending Books12/08/188:00pmUSABanana Noises, Ross Wightman, Conor Perreault
Willimantic , CTWillimantic Records11/24/182:00pmUSAHamel/Margolis,CurmudgeonCorner,Larocca/Rubinstein,Cretella,Perrault
New Haven, CTOrchard11/18/188:00pmUSAGhosts of the Holy Ghost Spermic Brotherhood + nhv rippers
New Haven, CTThe State House11/14/188:00pmUSAJoe Morris & Tyshawn Sorey//Chris Cretella & Zach Rowden
New Haven, CTOrchard11/09/188:00pmUSAGannon/Larocca And Friends (Album Release/Tour Kick-off)
Brooklyn, NYBushwick Public House10/22/187:00pmUSABushwick improvised music series
New Haven, CTOrchard10/20/184:00pmUSAElm City Noise Fest: Saturday Freak-a-thon
New Haven, CTThe State House10/18/188:00pmUSACoup De Grace (Reunion), Dr. Caterwauls, Afraid, Underwear, Noth
Brooklyn, NYHouse Show09/29/186:30pmEwen+Smiley/Cretella/Rubinstein/Testa
Brooklyn, NYThe Glove09/27/188:00pmUSABen Murphy / Will Greene / honey drizzle / Cretela, Parmelee
Florence , MA13th Floor08/11/188:00pmObliquity/ Cretella & Rowden / Wishbone Zoe / Dei Xhrist
New Haven, CTNeverending Books06/16/188:00pmUSANHIC Presents
New Haven, CTNeverending Books04/06/188:00pmUSALucas Brode ~ Anne Rhodes ~ Chris Cretella
New Haven, CTCafe Nine03/23/188:00pmUSAEP Release show! An Historic, The Lost Tribe, Sam Moth
Roma, RMInstituto Svizzero01/13/186:00pmItalyErrichetta Festival VIII
New York, NYSpectrum12/14/178:00pmUSAHypercolor (Ilgenfritz Ligeti Maoz) & Rhodes/Matlock/Cretella
Hamden, CTBest Video12/09/178:00pmUSAPaul Bryant Hudson and Dr. Caterwaul's With Horns at Best Video!
New Haven, CT549 Orchard Street11/19/178:00pmUSAJoemoffett Zachrowden - Nikolejewell- Henrybirdsey Chriscretella
New Haven, CTNeverending Books11/04/178:00pmUSAJoe Morris/Chris Cretella // Christian Cahill Adam Tuch
West Haven, CTCrunch House10/26/177:00pmUSABUCK GOOTER//TICK HIVE//ROWDEN/CRETELLA//NJ ++
New Haven, CTNeverending Books10/10/178:00pmUSAJoint Raker and Carl Testa
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1209/24/177:30pmUSAUncertainty Music Series Farewell
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1209/23/178:30pmUSAUncertainty Music Series Farewell
New Haven, CTNeverending Books09/14/178:00pmUSACretella & Negroponte/Scanlon/Wesely, Cox, and Edgcomb
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1208/25/178:00pmUSAWarmth CD Release Concert
West Haven, CTCrunch House08/15/179:00pmUSABordreuil/Rowden, Krem on Wool, Cretella/Paolucci, LasuJe
New Haven, CTNeverending Books08/12/178:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTEly Center of Contemporary Art06/24/177:00pmHuman Host ☞ Cretella/Mantilla/Rowden ☞ Sam Moth ☞ Human Flourishing
New Haven, CTCafe Nine06/14/178:00pmUSAThe Suitcase Junket, Dr. Caterwauls
New York, NYThe Stone06/03/179:00pmUSAShock Axis
Hamden, CTBest Video05/25/178:00pmUSAWater Cooler Party - Dr. Caterwauls Returns to Twin Peaks!
New Haven, CT549 Orchard Street05/18/178:00pmUSAGilgore/Cretella/Paolucci/Rowden, Nikole Jewell, Alexander
New Haven, CTEly Center of Contemporary Art05/14/173:00pmLarge Objects
Hamden, CTBest Video04/06/178:00pmUSAChris Cretella + Mike Paolucci || Elm Fiction
New Haven, CTCafe Nine03/30/178:00pmUSAThe Lost Bayou Ramblers and Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre
New Haven, CTNeverending Books03/19/178:00pmUSAAndy Allen/Chris Cretella/Lautaro Mantilla | Earthseed Songs | Zach Rowden
West Haven, CTCrunch House03/13/178:00pmUSATaboo / Tick Hive / Zach Rowden / LaSuje at Crunch House
Boston, MAShed Cellar03/11/175:00pmSour Spirit, Birthing Hips, Zach Rowden+Chris Cretella, Trim
Hamden, CTBest Video03/07/178:00pmUSAFaun and a Pan Flute // Large Objects at Best Video!
Cambridge, MAOutpost 18601/15/178:00pmUSAAd Hoc Music Series
New Haven, CTNeverending Books01/14/178:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTNeverending Books01/10/178:00pmUSABad Luck (WA) Chris Cretella + Zach Rowden duo & Krem ôn' Wo͝ol
Hamden, CTBest Video01/07/177:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's & Friendses' Simpsons Spectacular
Hamden, CTBest Video12/30/168:00pmUSA Nagual · Zach Rowden + Chris Cretella Duo · Human Flourishing
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1212/10/168:00pmUSASchrift/NHIC
Hamden, CTBest Video11/16/167:00pmUSASolos: Tom Blancarte/Chris Cretella/Zach Rowden
New Haven, CTCafe Nine10/31/168:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls
New Haven, CTNeverending Books10/23/168:00pmUSAChris Cretella // Joe Morris, Carl Testa, Jeb Bishop
New Haven, CTNeverending Books10/08/168:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Brooklyn, NYMuchmore's09/08/168:45pmUSAJoe Morris Shock Axis Record Release Show
New Haven, CT549 Orchard Street08/27/168:00pmUSAHSFB (NY) // Chris Cretella + Zach Rowden // Underwear
New Haven, CTNeverending Books08/03/168:00pmUSAOur Grandma Rose//Cretella & Rowden + Allen
Hamden, CTBest Video07/26/168:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls - Music of Morricone
New Haven, CTNeverending Books07/24/168:00pmUSACHRIS DUOS - W-2 (Welcome/Weinberg, NYC)/Chris Cretella + Zach Rowden
New Haven, CTCafe Nine07/06/168:30pmUSADr. Caterwauls & The Dustbowl Revival
New Haven, CTNeverending Books06/11/168:30pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTNeverending Books06/08/168:00pmUSAJoe Morris & Carl Testa|Chris Cretella & Mike Paolucci
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/28/164:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTBest Video05/19/167:30pmUSARivener // Cretella | Paolucci Duo // D M THEFT ABLE & FLANDREW FLEISENBERG
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/15/168:00pmUSA Ghosts of the Holy Ghost Spermic Brotherhood//Cretella/Rowden/Weinberg
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/14/168:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTBest Video05/10/167:00pmUSAPretend it didn't Happen, Dr. Caterwauls, and The Human Light Box at Best Video
New Haven, CTArtwalk05/07/161:00pmUSAArtwalk
MIddletown, CTWesleyan University04/26/168:30pmUSA EMG Presents: Fresh, Local & Organic feat. Trevor Saint, Anne Rhodes, and Chris Cretella
New Haven, CTNeverending Books04/04/168:00pmUSACretella|Negroponte|Rowden
New Haven, CTNeverending Books03/25/168:00pmUSAWobbling Roof Revue - duo with Zach Rowden
Hartford, CTHartford Art School03/09/168:00pmUSADuo with Zach Rowden
New Haven, CTCafe Nine03/08/168:00pmUSAEmily B.|Chris Cretella/Mike Paolucci|SSP
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space02/25/168:00pmUSAMari Black and Dr. Caterwaul's at The Outer Space
Hamden, CTBest Video01/21/168:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps
Boston, MAThe Record Company01/15/168:00pmUSA1/15 Kal Marks, Bilge Rat, Amphibious Man, Zach Rowden and Chris Cretella & Heavy Petals @ The Record Company
Providence , RIFirehouse 1301/14/167:00pmUSAThe Amphibious Man, Langosta, Zach Rowden & Chris Cretella, Mike Kusek
New Haven, CTFish House01/13/167:00pmUSA The Amphibious Man, Langosta, Empty Vessels, Zach Rowden And Chris Cretella
New Haven, CTNeverending Books12/12/157:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTCafe Nine09/29/158:00pmUSAKrar Collective at Cafe 9
East Hampton, MAFlywheel Arts Collective09/26/157:30pmUSAFlywheel presents Waywords and Meansigns: Finnegan's Wake set to music
New Haven, CTNeverending Books09/19/153:00pmUSAArcade
New Haven, CTCafe Nine09/18/159:00pmUSAElm City Noisefest
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space09/04/158:00pmUSATime Circuit CD Release Party
New Haven, CTG Cafe08/29/153:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTBest Video07/21/158:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls play Herrmann
Hartford, CT202 Oxford Street07/11/159:00pmUSAHouse Show
Hamden, CTBest Video07/01/158:00pmUSAWork and Why We Do It | Twins of El Dorado
Hamden, CTBest Video06/11/158:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls & The Cygnet Sisters
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/09/158:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space04/25/158:00pmUSABest Video Fundraiser
Cambridge, MAOutpost 18604/19/158:00pmUSAIn Momentum Series
New Haven, CTG Cafe04/18/158:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTAnna Liffey's04/10/158:00pmUSAElm City Folk Fest
Sommerville, MAThird Life Studio03/21/158:00pmUSAOPENSOUND
New Haven, CTNeverending Books02/22/158:00pmUSABlack Fluff|Every Kim Parcell
New Haven, CTPacific Standard Tavern01/25/156:00pmUSANew Haven Improviser's Collective
Hamden, CTBest Video01/09/158:00pmUSAMusic of Twin Peaks
New Haven, CTCafe Nine11/19/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space11/11/147:00pmUSAwith Dr. Caterwaul's
New Haven, CTNeverending Books11/02/148:00pmUSAAn Evening of Exploding Song Forms
New Haven, CT 75 Daggett Street10/31/146:00pmUSAThe Spire: A Visual and Musical Experience
New Haven, CTNeverending Books08/09/148:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTNeverending Books07/12/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Wallingford, CTCherry Street Station06/08/148:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
Hartford, CTReal Art Ways05/24/146:00pmUSAImprovisations: Spectacle
New Haven, CT The Institute Library05/17/147:00pmUSALibrary Rock
New Haven, CTCafe Nine05/14/149:00pmUSAGuitar Trio E CD Release
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/13/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTNeverending Books05/10/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
Montreal, QuebecLe Cagibi05/06/149:00pmCanadaMardi Spaghetti
New Haven, CTNeverending Books04/22/148:00pmUSAKeir Neuringer/ Adam Matlock & Chris Cretella
New Haven, CTNeverending Books04/12/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTCafe Nine04/03/149:00pmUSADr Caterwauls at Cafe 9
Hartford, CTSt. Patrick - St. Anthony Church03/22/146:00pmUSAMusic In The City
New Haven, CTThe Big Room03/22/148:00pmUSAUncertainty Music Series
New Haven, CTCafe Nine03/15/149:00pmUSAXenia Rubinos, An Historic, and Olive Tiger
Philadelphia, PAA Space Anarchist Community Center03/12/148:00pmUSAJoint Raker, Jack Wright & Ben Bennett
New Haven, CTNeverending Books03/11/148:00pmUSACretella, Taylor, and Sierakowski, Adam Matlock
Brooklyn , NYIBeam03/10/148:30pmUSACretella, Taylor, and Sierakowski, Strosahl and Sanders, Sachs and Sorbeck
Brooklyn, NYUnnameable Books03/09/148:00pmUSAChris Cretella, Nigel Taylor, Fausto Sierakowski
Lowell, MA119 Gallery03/08/148:00pmUSAJoint Raker @ 119 Gallery
Boston, MAArbor Day03/04/148:00pmUSAArbor Day IX
New Haven, CTCafe Nine02/10/148:00pmUSADirty Bourbon River Show and Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre Of Clairvoyant Claptraps
New Haven, CTProject Storefront02/09/142:00pmUSAArcade Series
New Haven, CTLipgloss Crisis12/08/138:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space11/17/135:00pmUSAOuter Space Jazz Series
New Haven, CTNeighborhood Music School11/03/1312:15pmUSADr. Caterwauls plays Kurt Weill
New Haven , CTCity Wide Open Studios10/27/134:00pmUSACity Wide Open Studios
New Haven, CTNeverending Books10/25/138:00pmUSAThe Twisted Nerves & Ypsmael
New York, NYSpectrum10/19/132:00pmUSASpectrum Unofficial CMJ Matinee Festival
New Haven, CTCafe Nine08/28/138:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's Play Kurt Weill
New Haven, CTPitkin Plaza08/25/136:00pmUSAAn Historic & Dr. Caterwaul's CD Release
New Haven, CTMitchell Branch Library08/19/136:30pmUSABeecher Park Summer Concert Series
New York, NYThe Stone07/13/138:00pmUSAAnthony Coleman Residency
Stamford, CTMill River Park07/13/1311:30amUSAPork In The Park
New Haven, CTTaco Hut Headquarters06/15/138:00pmUSAThe Twisted Nerves & The Matt Deligatti Trio
Bridgeport, CTAcoustic Cafe06/13/138:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's & Billy Wylder
New Haven, CTCafe Nine04/30/138:00pmUSADr.Caterwaul's
Hamden, CTHouse Concert04/27/138:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's plays Weill
New Haven, CTCafe Nine04/23/138:00pmUSASubfloor & Slobber Pup
New Haven, CTNeverending Books04/13/138:00pmUSAThe Uncertainty Music Series
Bridgeport, CTAcoustic Cafe04/06/132:00pmUSAPardi Gras
New Haven, CTAnna Liffey's04/05/138:00pmUSADr. Caterwaul's & The Paper Hill Casket Company
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space03/24/136:00pmUSATrench Mouth & Jonah Parzen-Johnson
New York, NYThe Stone01/31/138:00pmUSAJoe Morris Residency
New Haven, CTThe Big Room12/09/122:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls with the Cygnet Sisters
New Haven, CTNeverending Books12/08/128:00pmUSACretella|Sierakowski|Taylor
Bridgeport, CTAcoustic Cafe12/05/129:00pmUSADr. Caterwauls
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1212/02/128:00pmUSAGuitar Trio E | Electronich
Hartford, CTLa Paloma Sabanera11/29/128:00pm06106Hartford Phase Shift
Cambridge, MAThe Lilypad11/01/128:00pmUSANEC CI 40th Anniversary Concert
New Haven, CTCafe Nine10/31/128:00pmUSADr Caterwauls Halloween Show
Hamden, CTThe Outer Space10/14/127:00pmUSAExperimental Jazz Night
Bad DoberanZappanale08/04/125:00pmGermanyZappanale 2012
New Haven, CTCafe Nine07/03/128:00pmUSADoctor Dark
Cambridge, MAThe Lilypad05/25/128:00pmUSAGeorge § SHE THE €GIRL$ %%% Chris Cretella CD release + Logan Strosahl Jun Young Song Aaron Darrell Fausto Sierakowski Sam Lisabeth Robin Be
Hartford, CTReal Art Ways03/03/128:00pmUSAImprovisations
Brooklyn, NYThe Freedomn Garden03/02/128:00pmUSAJoint Raker
ParisLa Musee du Quai Branly11/26/118:00pmFranceJoe Morris' Lava Bat
AmsterdamBimhuis11/25/118:00pmNetherlandsJoe Morris' Lava Bat