Hamden, CT – 01/21/16 – Best Video – US – Dr. Caterwaul\’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps

Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps
Thursday, January 21, 2016
8:00pm - All Ages
1842 Whitney Ave
Hamden, CT, USA 06517
Other Info
Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps
Formed in 2010, Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps—Chris Cretella (guitar), Adam Matlock (accordion and clarinet), Michael Paolucci (percussion), Brian Slattery (violin and banjo), and Mike Tepper (bass)—have made a name for themselves as a band playing music from around the world and across a variety of styles, from American folk and spirituals to Eastern European dance music to Ethiopian jazz to original compositions by Matlock.

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