Joe Morris – Shock Axis…July 15

A few times during the last couple of years Joe Morris had mentioned that he wanted to put together a trio with myself on electric bass and Dave Parmelee on drums. Dave and I have been playing together since we were kids in the early 90s. You get pretty psyched when you a try out a drummer for your high school metal band and he can rip through Megadeth’s “Holy Wars” effortlessly. I called my friend Ron, borrowed a bass, and got to practicing.

Having primarily played the guitar since picking up an instrument I was looking forward to getting to work on the bass. What better people to play with for this foray into the low end? You got one of the sickest drummers in CT to the left and one of the sickest guitar players ever, anywhere, to the right…and they are both good friends to boot.

So…in late 2014 and into 2015, on the occasional Sunday afternoon, we would hole up at Joe’s place and play for a couple of hours until our ears and/or stamina gave out; cracking wise and talking shit in between. In June of 2015 we went into the studio to document what we had been doing. And so…on July 15…Relative Pitch is releasing Joe Morris – Shock Axis. Pre-orders are available here If you are local to CT and come to a show. I’ve got some copies to sell. We’ll be playing on September 8 in NY. Details to come.