Joint Raker does Rome…Rome does Joint Raker

Nigel Taylor and I are bringing Joint Raker, our long running duo for guitar and trumpet, to Rome to perform at the Errichetta Festival. Rather…the Errichetta Festival is bring Joint Raker, mine and Nigel Taylor’s long running duo, to Rome this year. We are so honored we wrote some music, which is something we haven’t done in the eight years that we have been doing this. Eight years. Wow. It is a far cry from moldy basements to be sure. And while we are on the subject of Joint Raker…why not take a moment to reacquaint yourself with this music. Not only can you purchase it at Bandcamp…you can now stream it through your preferred streaming service such as Apple Music or Spotify. Extra iTunes gift cards from the holidays? Why not buy some Joint Raker? Amazon gift cards…you can find us there too because why not? We will all be working for Amazon some day right?