Joint Raker East Coast tour…recording for record number three…

For the first time in close to two years Joint Raker will be playing some shows in the coming weeks. We’ve got a hand full of dates scheduled along the east coast. ¬†We’ll have copies of the new CD. Come say hi and pick up a compact disc. We’ll be doing some recording as well so that I can continue to use Joint Raker recordings (among other more or less significant events) as bench marks of time passed.

3/2 – Boston, MA @ TBD…playing one of two possible shows in two different locations.

3/3 – Nooge Nugent (trumpet 1/2 of Joint Raker solo) @ Weirdo Records in Boston MA.

3/4 – Boston, MA @ Arbor Day…Joe Morris, Pat Keuhn, Jeff Balter and a shit load of fantastic improvisers throwing down!

3/6 – Chicago, IL…Nooge Nugent takes Chicago. I stay home.

3/8 – Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery with Yoshiko Ohara

3/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ IBeam teaming up with the inimitable Fausto Sierakowski!

3/11 – NY or CT…TBD…ASAP….again with our pal Fausto either way!

3/12 – Philadelphia, PA: with Jack Wright and others!

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