Montreal Supergroup…Duo with Carl Testa…Trio with Adam Matlock & Dave Parmelee…A Spectacle In Hartford

Its about time to head up to the Great White North to meet up with a formidable ensemble that Nigel Taylor put together to play some music. For the next week Nigel, Andy Allen, Fausto Sierakowski, Borey Shin, Andrew Clinkman, Jesse Heasly and myself will be working out some new music, recording it, and performing it.

Fart Throat

Upon returning from Montreal its back to Neverending Books and the Uncertainty Music Series on Saturday 5/10. I’ll be playing duo with Carl Testa (bass). This will be our first time in a duo setting. We’ll be sharing the bill with the Chris Welcome Quartet who will be coming up from NYC.

A few days later I’ll be playing at Neverending Books with Adam Matlock (accordion) and Dave Parmelee (drums). We’ll be opening for the Ava Mendozza trio who is going to be passing through on their way up to Victoriaville. The following evening I’ll be playing with Guitar Trio E at Cafe Nine in support of a new record that came out this spring.

Closing out the month will be a sick show at Real Art Ways in Hartford CT. Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes put together a heavy line-up of improvisers to close out this season’s Improvisations series. The event, aptly named Spectacle, goes from 6-11p and will feature different combinations and configurations of everyone involved and will culminate and a large ensemble improvisation. Check out the Facebook event page for the line-up.