New Haven, CT – 09/14/17 – Neverending Books – USA – Cretella & Negroponte/Scanlon/Wesely, Cox, and Edgcomb

Cretella & Negroponte/Scanlon/Wesely, Cox, and Edgcomb
Thursday, September 14, 2017
8:00pm - All Ages
810 State Street
New Haven, CT, USA 06511
Other Info
Lots of guitars this evening at Never Ending Books, and, in New Haven in general (Trevor Babb's DMA recital at Yale is also this evening).

Guitars with alone, guitars with drums, guitars with drums and trumpet. Maybe the guitars will stop for a minute? Maybe not?

Chris Cretella (guitar) Pete Negroponte (drums) - So the house was horror swarmed by what appeared to be female carepneter ants. Looking for love and wood in all the wrong places.

Dave Scanlon (guitar) - from a recent message...boom

Drew Wesely (guitar) Jeff Cox (trumpet) Aaron Edgcomb (percussion) - eploring relation possibilities between duration, texture, timbre, and affect to create constantly evolving sonic worlds with nuanced shades of interaction and interplay which allow the music to emerge from itself in its most primal, organic state.

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