New Haven, CT – 10/10/17 – Neverending Books – USA – Joint Raker and Carl Testa

Joint Raker and Carl Testa
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
8:00pm - All Ages
810 State Street
New Haven, CT, USA 06511
Other Info
For the first time in over three years the original and only lineup of Joint Raker that existed at any given time when the lineup played more consistently, some six (six?) years ago, is reuniting for a rare one time for the foreseeable future performance. Carl Testa...fresh off of a decade running the Uncertainty Music Series will be joining the group as he was instrumental in booking them in New Haven for their first appearance. What goes around comes around. If you go so see one solo bass and electronics performance followed by a guitar and trumpet duo on Tuesday October 10, 2017...make it this one. Music at 8p. Ten bucks gets you in.

Joint Raker - That thing that happens when you get something in your eye and it hurts like hell when you look in one direction out of many but does not hurt when you look in every other direction and you wonder if it is going to work itself out but maybe you should go see someone but you don't know if it will be a waste of time because when you look in the mirror you don't actually see anything on or in your eye. Joint Raker is Nigel Taylor (trumpet) and Chris Cretella (guitar).

Carl Testa - Solo bass and electronics

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