Suspicious Diversions Questionable Amusements Record Release Show…Uncertainty Music Series…10/8/16…

Back in July Lou Guarino and I released a duo record entitled Suspicious Diversions Questionable Amusements. The title and art were inspired by a skit on that Saturday Night Live episode from April, 1979, where the musical guest was Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time (imagine that…Prime Time on the Not Ready for Prime Time ® show). I don’t know if that phrase is really a registered trademark but I recently figured out how to add that symbol to a line of text and felt compelled to abuse that discovery.  This has nothing to do with anything. So…anyway…the record came out in July and now…after a few months of half assedly trying to put together a show our pal Carl has stepped in and booked us for this Saturday’s (10/8/16) Uncertainty Music Series. This will be some of the first duo playing Lou and I have done since recording almost a year ago and we are very much looking forward to it. Kyle Grimm will also be performing a set of solo bass and electronics. If you haven’t yet…check out the record:

Rob Miller © 2015

Photo by Rob Miller © 2015