Suspicious Diversions…Questionable Amusements

At an Uncertainty Music Series show in 2014 Lou Guarino and I were asked to help round out the evening when a birth in the New Haven music scene family forced a re-arranging of the evening’s line-up. At the time, Lou and I knew each other from attending shows but we had not yet played together. After a set of mixed duos and trios, which included the clarinetist James Falzone, it became clear that we should do more playing. Well…maybe the shared affinity for superhero movies had something to do with it as well.

Over the course of the next year or so we got together a few times and, on a raw Saturday in November of 2015, hunkered down in Lou’s basement to make a recording. This recording, entitled Suspicious Diversions…Questionable Amusements is now available for you consumption. Get a physical copy at a show. Get a downloadable copy or a physical copy at Bandcamp.

Listen here:

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