The Twisted Nerves…What Would We Do Without Benny…Taco Hut…Thanks Pat

At some point during the blizzard of 2013, when the cabin fever was getting serious, Adam Matlock sent me an e-mail. Somehow we got on about a mutual admiration (obsession?) for the music of Bernard Herrmann. At some point in the exchange we decided that we needed to do some sort of project involving music composed or inspired by the work of Mr. Benny. This was February. Later in April we were both contacted by Pat Keuhn of the Matt Delligatti Trio (and Cult & Leper fame) about doing a show in New Haven. Knowing that a booked show always helps to jumpstart a project Adam and I decided to get to work on the Herrmann project. On Saturday, June 15, at Taco Hut Headquarters in New Haven CT we will be playing those pieces that have been written over the past few months as The Twisted Nerves. Joining us will be Nathan Friedman on clarinet and Michael Paolucci on percussion. And yes…The Matt Delligatti Trio will be joining us as well as one more group/person to round out the night.Twisted Nerve Poster