The year of face pain…Mutual Glancing…New England Stint…

The message came in just before the turning of the year. A set of illustrations of mildly injured heads wrapped in gauze about the nose, chin, and forehead. Was it a threat, maybe an omen of what the year would be bringing down? As I begun to nauseously acclimate to the idea of starting the year off with any number of facial wounds another message came through. This was not a harbinger of pain and embarrassment after all, rather, it was the genesis of the art that would accompany the tape which contains the musical recording of the music that Zach Rowden and I played a few months back in October.That tape, Mutual Glancing, is due out any day now on Tomb Tone records. The folks at Tomb Tone have been busy. They are currently blazing a trail on the East Coast. I will be joining them for a few evenings this week to play some duos with Zach that may or may not be reminiscent of the music registered on the aforementioned tape. Here are the bare details:

1/13/16 – New Haven CT, Fish House
1/14/16 – Providence RI, Firehouse 13
1/15/16 – Boston MA, The Record Company

For more detailed details check out the Events page.

Mutual Glancing Cover