Trench Mouth…Dr. Caterwauls…Subfloor…One heck of a night in New Haven…

No…I don’t have trench mouth…neither does anyone else I know. At least I don’t think anyone I know does. I do have a new project called Trench Mouth though. We have a performance coming up on 3/24 at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT. We’ll be performing a new piece entitled¬†The Disconcerting News Concerning The Consumption of Cured Meats. It features Andy Allen and Fausto Sierakowski on tenor saxophones, Dave Parmelee on drums, and myself on baritone guitar. Hopefully it won’t give anyone Trench Mouth.

Not long after the Trench Mouth debut its back to work with Dr. Caterwauls (who will not be treating the Trench Mouth that I do not have). We will be joining our friends the Cygnet Sisters for back to back shows in New Haven and Bridgeport on 4/5-6. Expect lots of Weill. I am.
Later in April yet another new(ish) group will be performing in what is sure to be the most brutal improvised music show in New Haven that month. Carl Testa (bass) Dave Parmelee (drums) and I will be performing as Subfloor. We will be opening for Slobber Pup at Cafe Nine on 4/23. Slobber Pup is Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Trevor Dunn, and Balazs Pandi. ‘Nuff said. They have a record coming out in May. It will be sick. Check it…¬†
s;obber pup poster