Trio with Peter Negroponte and Zach Rowden

Way back, well maybe not too far back yet far back enough to seem like quite some time, I was in grad school. One of the great things about the experience was having a near limitless supply of people with whom to set up and do some playing and shit talking in between and perhaps during some of the more academic activities. It certainly beat killing time by sitting around and pounding coffee until the inside of my stomach felt like a raw patch of dermatitis and the sweats kicked in. This is how I first encountered Peter Negroponte; not with the raw stomach, shattered nerves, and sweaty palms but with the improvising. Or at least that is my first memory of meeting him. Like I said, its been a while.

You may know Peter as the drummer of Guerrilla Toss. If not…you should familiarize yourself with that band. A steady stream of seriously talented friends has flowed through the ranks of and or remain in that group and they have amassed quite a catalog.

Peter is also a nasty improviser. Needless to say (or perhaps I need to be saying it since I am typing it all out) I am pretty excited to get a chance to do some playing with Peter again after something like five years (has it been that long already? jeez…). To round the group out and hold down the low end the more locally based bassist Zach Rowden will be joining us. Zach and I recently recorded a duo record which you should also check out after you are done listening to some Guerrilla Toss, or before, whatever your pleasure. Someone,or some ones will be joining us to round out the evening…who that is has yet to be confirmed. Lets just say TBA. And now…the where and the when: Monday, 4/4/16, Never Ending Books, 810 State Street, New Haven, CT. Five Bucks.