West Haven, CT – 03/13/17 – Crunch House – USA – Taboo / Tick Hive / Zach Rowden / LaSuje at Crunch House

Taboo / Tick Hive / Zach Rowden / LaSuje at Crunch House
Monday, March 13, 2017
8:00pm - All Ages
Crunch House (map)
West Haven, CT, USA
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TABOO (Maine)
Maine occult rockers "Taboo" have morphed considerably through their various incarnations over the years. These freaks carve deeper than most. More recent live form almost recalls a supremely twisted Roger's and Hammerstein, or some kind of damaged carnival stage musical, but this... this is something else entirely. These recordings are much closer to what I hear in my smoke filled mind when I imagine the band Taboo. Acid soaked, screaming slop honed to razor edge. Slices skin to blow acrid smoke into gaping wound! This LP apparently captures the coven in classic trio mode, a collection focused on powerful sludge rock forms via twisted cannibal dirge delivery. Brings to mind a deranged Brainbombs, maybe? So raw and powerful, exactly as it should be. Trashed out and primal rock and roll spell casting through classic structured explosions. One of the best contemporary "rock" LP's I have heard to date! Don't miss the chance to grab one of these scummy slabs. Mixed color vinyl (these copies seem mostly "Puke green") w/ two color labels comes packaged in pro-printed full color sleeves. Highly recommended for scum-rock enthusiasts and occult psychedelic aficionados.
Must have for all maniacs.

TICK HIVE ('staven / Erotic Mange)
Despite legal battles over the name, Matt Paolillo's recent sets have proven why she's one of the best, most innovative acts we have here in CT. Industrial beats and weeping ballads to wreck yer soul

Zach is a trained musician with a special background playing the stand-up bass // pretty much every set I've seen Zach play using the bass has left me stunned and speachless- it was mournful yet uplifting simultaneously // the Elm City is very lucky to have Zach living in its city limits
Update: Zach is going to be joined by virtuoso guitarist Chris Cretella to bring some hard vibes to the set. Watching them play together is always a treat!

LASUJE (Crunch House)
LJ has been holding it down hard- their first solo harsh noise set killed it, and i expect nothing less with their new industrial / noise attack

doors @ 8 pm // show up on time or you will miss acts
$8 - $10 suggested donation for touring band
BYOB // no bullshit or you will be asked to leave // bring some respect y'all and don't miss this show-- Taboo is incredible live and the locals are all some of the best we have in the area ♥

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